“I couldn’t get out of bed.  After working with Mark, I was back at the office the next day – at full strength.”
- C. Brown, Motion Picture Distribution Marketing Entrepreneur, Woodland Hills, California.  (Epstein-Bar Syndrome). 

“My national sales team performance measurably improved, hitting breakthrough targets after working with Mark.”
- K. Fox, National Sales Manager, Pitney Bowes, Lake Forest, California.

Progressive bone disease condition improved in a six year old boy after treatments from Mark.
“The condition’s progression has reversed for the first time in five years.”
-  Orthopedic Surgeon – Attending Physician, Los Angeles, California.

“I sleep soundly and feel so peaceful and calm after a session with Mark.”
-  P. Rothschild, Businessman, Newport Beach, California.

“My arthritis was gone after one treatment.”
- C. Deemer, Advertising executive, DDB Needham, Los Angeles, California.

“I was able to excel even in an unhealthy, destructive work environment, with the skills I learned from Mark.”
- L. Belton, Human Resources Director, Ernst & Young, big four accounting firm, Beverly Hills, California.

Acute Dysentery, arrested after one session. “I don’t know what Mark did, but it worked”.
- H. Krisoijn, Artist, Amsterdam, Holland.

“I won the contract! Just like we programmed it in my session, thank you so much Mark”
       -  S. Takayannagi, Fashion Designer, Tokyo, Japan.  (Upon signing a contract for her line with a major retail chain). 

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