Soul Personality or Rose Reading
The Rose is a representation of who you are.  We use the Rose because it is a fluid symbol of love and unfoldment relating both to the soul-personality and the spiritual entity. 
We will visualize using some of your energy to form the shape of a Rose.  The Rose will tell us:
-How well you are grounded, your view of the world, and your ability to create the reality you want.
-How you access your higher information on a practical level.
-Whether you are processing you own life information or absorbing and acting on some one else’s beliefs or programs.
-Information about contracts with others including children and past situations that may be influencing you now.
Prosperity Reading
In this reading we look, on an energy level, at your ability and permission level to flourish and create abundance, your relationship and compatibility with your current position, and other possible career or life paths.  We also look at the influence of family members, ancestors, programs, co-workers, superiors, major clients, and past experiences on your abilities.
Chakra, Male/Female Reading
Chakras (the energy centers in your body) are similar to the lens of a camera – opening and closing; adjusting to the information coming in or going out.  How open or closed your charkas are lets you know what level of information you’re working on at the moment and how balanced the charkas are in relation to each other.  Your level of male and female energy and information and whether its yours or some one else’s information is also read.
Aura Reading
Your Aura is the energy field around and through your body.  It is your personal universe.  By looking at your aura, the clairvoyant can see what is happening with you on an energy level and consequently in your world.  For example, how you are running your energy, creating, bringing things into your life and relating to others.  During an Aura  Reading we read the basic seven layers of the aura, reading the energy vibrations, patters, colors and mental image pictures you are carrying.  We explain and interpret the emotional, spiritual, mental and hereditary information that these energy forms carry in your aura.  We also reveal if there is some one (a friend, relative, or lover) in your space on an energy level influencing your personal reality.
Specific Question and Answer
Is there someone or something you just can’t get off your mind?  Are you stuck on a problem?  Clairvoyant readings can be uncannily insightful, accurate and helpful.  You may get a different and valuable new perspective because we are accessing information from a spiritual and energy source and from you higher self.
At Metavision, we work with the client to assist in shifting energy in a way to promote harmonious change that can positively, specifically, and tangibly effect issues and situations in physical, emotional, financial and spiritual areas.
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* Metavision, its services, counseling, tools and classes are not a substitute for licensed medical, psychological, or psychiatric care.  Metavision is a viewpoint or way of perceiving.