At MetaVision, we believe that your energy field is you life.  Everything in the World is energy first.  Mr. Albert Einstein helped us all with this concept with his Theory of Relativity and equation E=MC2.   Rather than try to change things outside in the World, we have the power, knowledge and access to affect our World from within.   If you work with your energy first, where it easier to shift, with the right tools and techniques, you can create the World of your goals. 

Mark, founder of MetaVision, has been teaching and practicing clairvoyance and energy work for many years where he is known to be accurate, insightful, and effective.   He enjoys helping individuals  access their own higher information and create positive change.  Intuitive talents, such as seeing auras, working with energy and healing came to Mark naturally. He has also studied and practiced diverse meditation and spiritual disciplines for the past 18 years. Mark is a clairvoyant and healing graduate of Clearsight of Santa Monica, California, (an offshoot of the Berkeley Psychic Institute).  In addition to founding MetaVision, Mark is a professional businessman with a Masters Degree in Business from UCLA.
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Mark, MetaVision Founder
Laguna Beach, California  USA